Waiting for the Worst

I don’t know what’s in store for me out there. I don’t think I’m ready for whatever it is that is yet to come. My future is about to be compromised…and I am afraid of the results. It is not that I don’t trust God’s plan; it is more of my trust in myself, my faith in the ‘me’. Yes, I am having doubts, I am indignant about everything. It’s my fault, but I tried to salvage everything. I am at the borderline, being pushed to the edge, hanging by a thread at a cliff between success and failure. What to do is all I can say. However, worrying won’t make things easy, it will only make things worse. I am at that point actually wherein praying seems not the most ‘correct’ thing to do. I am kneeling, pleading, weeping, being dragged on by, holding on to Jesus’ feet. I hope my lamenting would reach Him. It’s all I can do at this point. Pray hard and hardest then hardest. I hope prayers would be enough. I am trusting You with this. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

When Ignorance is Bliss

I deplore      

being ignored.
I am not a bore!
But it’s perplexing sweet,      

and quite sexy too—-      

to be ignored,      

ignored by you.
                       -Lang Leav